WE MARS was founded in 2010 by Eugen Porter, a technical specialist working in Western University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The team was originally founded as a team of engineering students at Western University, Canada to help cultivate the first 2 FRC teams in London.

Since 2010, the team has grown to upwards of 20 members. The team has contributed to expanding the FRC program in London and area, with 17 teams in 2016. WE MARS also expanded FLL in London, starting the local tournament in 2013 and introduced London to Jr. FLL through a local showcase in 2014.

WE MARS has provided assistance, mentorship and workshops to all FRC teams in London and area. Additionally, beginning in 2013, WE FIRST began Team 4814, WE FIRST Incubator. This FRC team is run out of Western University and serves to help start new FRC teams in London. Please see Team 4814 for more information.

The team aims to promote a positive university experience for its members and promote intellectual growth for the long-term benefit of the members, public and ultimately to the university as a whole.